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For thousands of years, people from all cultures and spiritual traditions created circular designs referred to as mandalas for healing and meditation. These images represent wholeness, unity and infinity. Mandala art is known for its transformational qualities.

     When I drew my first mandala, I felt an immediate attraction to this art form. I felt a sense of peace and balance from the symmetry and geometric shapes. My art is inspired by the beauty and patterns in the physical world as well as my internal vision. Except for a compass and ruler, all of my designs are hand drawn using pencil, pastel and acrylic paint. Many are associated with an event or experience in my life such as swimming with the wild spinner dolphins near the Big Island in Hawaii and the humpback whales on the Silver Bank, a submerged bank 90 km north of the Dominican Republic in the Atlantic Ocean.

     I feel honored to share these energies that have touched my heart and perhaps will affect yours as well.

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