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A children's book that encourages positive thinking. What happens to little Rainbow when he dances to his first job? What will he see? Who will he meet? What will he learn about himself?

Step into an extraordinary, inner journey just by coloring! The Coloring Journal offers more than an ordinary coloring book by harnessing the magical power of mandalas. The images, now stripped of hue, reveal their elemental forms, inviting you to deepen your connection with your own journey and experience mandalas yourself. Each filled with resonant imagery and celebrating a single theme, from "Creative Heart" to "Nature's Symphony," the mandalas are easy to color but contain a depth that will take you into the center of yourself. Clear flexible suggestions for how to use book will assist you in connecting with your deep inner stillness thus encouraging clarity to help you make wise choices in your life. Supplemental material includes thumbnails of each mandala in full color and titles and text of the original art with questions to ponder, discuss and journal on.

A collection of 28 hand drawn, full color, circular designs referred to as mandalas for healing and meditation. The art is a blending of radiant colors within a symmetrical design.They are inspiring and nurturing to the reader's soul. Many are associated with experiences of the artist such as swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii and also with the wild humpback whales on the Silver Bank off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Each mandala is accompanied with words that also speak to one's spirit.

12 Mix and Match $15.00

These 12 Designs are available:
1      Creative Heart
5      Light
6      Dream Walker
7      Angel of Joy
9      Unconditional Love
10    Relationship
11    Beauty Within
12    Divine Human Blueprint
16    Enthusiasm
17    Nature's Symphony
18    Life
20    Nuturing

Please call me for card orders and for print price:  (772) 473-9090

Cards - Blank Inside

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